Medical School Timeline

Congratulations! Your significant other got accepted to medical school... now what??  I feel like the four years in medical school are spent trying to enjoy the present while always planning for the future.  If you don't know someone who has been through medical school and can explain everything to you it can be a little overwhelming.

Below is an outline for my wife's school.  Your spouse's school timeline may be slightly different but somethings will be the same like board exams and residency applications.

First Year  
  • Adjust to life, relationships, and studying in medical school
  • Find out if the school has a Student Advocate Association or other organization for spouses
  • Great time to encourage your spouse to get involved with clubs, research, or other extracurricular activities
  • A lot of basic science courses
  • Enjoy your summer break! 

Second Year
  • Classes have more of a medicine focus
  • A lot of time devoted to Step 1 studying
  • COMLEX Step 1 

Third Year
  • Required & elective clinical rotations
    • COMAT exams are required at the end of each required rotation
  • Decide on a speciality
  • Make CV and Personal Statement
  • Research residency programs
  • Schedule Audition rotations
  • COMLEX Step 2 PE and CE

Fourth Year
  • Audition rotations
  • Residency applications due
  • Residency interviews
  • The MATCH!
  • Graduation
If you don't know what some of these things are, that's ok!  We will go over each step in detail and pretty soon you will be able to speak fluent med school.

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